Greenapple was incorporated in 2010, specializing in producing green building material & developing green building system. Our expertise is of manufacturing non-asbestos calcium silicate board & fibre cement boards.

Greenapple uses cellulose from perennial tree as reinforced material. They are recyclable, 100% without asbestos, meerschaum, brucite or other harmful fibers. The advanced design of these boards is made with calcium silicate material, which greatly improves the thermal & humidity stability.

We focus on manufacturing low carbon green construction boards which in turn create a healthy & comfortable environment to live in. All the boards are energy saving, high quality, long life & recyclable in nature.

Greenapple provides green building solutions creating suitable living space for human beings.


By 2020, become a benchmark company for providing innovative quality products & solutions to every structure across India.


Our goal is to provide affordable, quality solutions that will help better utilization of energy and natural resources by use of our alternative products and servicesto reach each and every structure in India.

We are partners, not suppliers, profoundly committed to delight you with ourendeavour towards a less polluted Earth and always strive for-
• Assimilation of knowledge, capabilities and manage collective enterprise for benefit of society and stakeholders.
• Value-For-Money, End-to-end& Futuristic Innovations based on Extensive Research and Development.
• Prompt Services through Trained and Committed Employees.
• Responsibly Deliver Energy being Profitable in the Process.
• Transparent and Ethical Business Practices.
• Dispersion of awareness and knowledge among People, Institutes and Corporates with core focus on Energy Saving Solutions.




With his expertise in international marketing, Rajiv brings around positive influence across the complete value chain from generating idea to working on Business & Sourcing strategy. As an experienced leader, his high visibility position supports the organization, specifically the elements of internal and external Creative, Sponsorships, Media agencies, Social Agencies, Localisation and Fulfilment.



Around a decade experience in the construction industry, delivering various projects as active consultant, Pranav`s warm personality and hands on knowledge of the industry helps build relations and goodwill that lasts lifetime.



To run a business apart from industry expertise, there are others aspects which needs to be taken care of. Jeenal fulfils this role with her hands-on experience across various industry like Banking, Insurance, Law, Telecom, Accounting, Marketing, etc.


Greenapple UV Boards comes from the house of Greenapple Pvt Ltd, known for its solution driven attitude through Innovation, Execution & Education as its pillars.

Since 2010, it has executed energy efficient projects for a wide spectrum of industries and aims to bring futuristic technologies under one roof. Today, through continuous innovations and excellence in execution Greenapple Pvt Ltd, has a range of products under its kitty which includes BIPV Solar Glass Façade, Solar Power Generation, Solar Water Heater & Thermal Solutions, Fiber Cement Boards & Energy Efficient Systems. By manufacturing Greenapple UV Boards, Greenapple Pvt Ltd is taking another leap of success to provide quality products.